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Open Access (OA): OER Sites

Multidisciplinary Resources

OASIS - This multidisciplinary source provides access to a variety of types of OER, including books, lesson plans, podcasts, and primary sources, among others.

Teaching Commons - This site divides its content into textbooks, course sites, syllabi, course materials, and lectures across all disciplines.

Art Resources

Smarthistory/Khan Academy - This site features videos, images, and articles written by academics, on art from antiquity until now.

Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History - From the Metropolitan Museum of Art, this site features detailed essays written by curators, accompanied by images of works from the museum's collection.

Textbook Resources

Smarthistory Books - Published by the scholars behind Smarthistory/Khan Academy, these volumes feature essays on specific artworks in various categories, from Asian to contemporary to antiquity.

Open Textbook Library - This site features over 700 open textbooks licensed to be freely used, adapted, and distributed; all are reviewed by academics.

Self-Directed Educational Resources

edX - This massive open online course (MOOC) founded by Harvard and MIT provides classes in a range of subjects.

Coursera - This site features constantly rotating courses from universities around the world covering virtually every topic, all of which include video lectures, assignments, and discussion forums.

College for Creative Studies website