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Foundation: Images & Videos

Software Training Videos

Gnomon Workshop - This site provides training on a diverse range of tools, software, and media including design, drawing, sculpture, painting, modeling, texturing, animation, effects, and compositing (CCS credentials required).

LinkedIn Learning - These videos on LinkedIn Learning cover a range of topics, including Adobe software, graphic design, video, photography, 3D, audio and music, architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing, and more (CCS credentials required).

AutoDesk -  Access software programs including Inventor, Autocad, Maya, 3D Max, Tinkercad, and more. Go to Login (top) and create your account (CCS credentials required).

Luna Image Collection

The following media groups were created with Foundation students in mind (login to Luna before clicking the links below - CCS credentials required):

Foundation 2D Design  
Foundation 3D Design   
Drawing Samples  

Performance & Video Art

UbuWeb - This resource for avant-garde and hard-to-find material offers recordings of performances, video art, sound art, and visual, concrete, and sound poetry, as well as written work.

Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI) - The EAI collection of over 3,500 works spans the mid-1960s to the present. Works included range from seminal videos by pioneering figures - such as Nam June Paik, Bruce Nauman, Martha Rosler, and Joan Jonas - to new digital works by emerging artists, including Seth Price, Paper Rad, Cory Arcangel, and Takeshi Murata (CCS credentials required).

Franklin Furnace Moving Image Archives - From Pratt Institute, this archive consists of audiovisual documentation of art events such as performance art, presented or supported by Franklin Furnace.

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