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DAH 206: History of Illustration: Overview

Course guide for the History of Illustration class


  • Background Information: databases and print books ideal for background research
  • Print Resources: key texts the Library owns related to the history of illustration
  • Online Resources: high-quality, relevant, freely available content, vetted by Librarians
  • Databases: top databases most useful for your research and tips for searching them
  • Images: the best sites for visuals, both subscription ("CCS credentials required") and open access
  • Research & Writing: guidance on conducting research, writing, and citations
  • Citation Help: when and how to cite and resources for MLA citations

Research Process

The research process is not a straight line - it can twist and turn as you learn more. Don't be afraid to follow up on information that interests you - it's easier to write about a topic if you're interested in it!

Additional tips:

  • Be willing to tweak your vocabulary - authors may use different words that mean the same thing (i.e. illustrator, artist, draftsman, etc.)
  • Read article abstracts to ensure they will work for your paper - don't just grab the first articles that include your search terms

Infographic of circular research lifecycle. Circle starts with: identify topic or question; find sources relevant to your topic; analyze sources (with arrow pointing back to finding sources); synthesize information and your ideas; present, publish or share your findings.

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