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Liberal Arts: Search for an Article

Liberal Arts Journals

Current issues of print magazines can be viewed in the Library and back issues checked out, or check Flipster for select online titles.

Art in America (Flipster)
Artforum International (Flipster)
ARTnews (Flipster)
The Atlantic (Flipster)
Bitch Magazine: Feminist Response to Pop Culture (Flipster)
Bloomberg Businessweek
Communication Arts 
Creative Nonfiction (Flipster)
Creative Quarterly (Flipster)
Fast Company (Flipster)
Forbes (Flipster)
Juxtapoz Art & Culture (Flipster)
Marketing News (Flipster)
New Criterion (Flipster)
The New Yorker (Flipster)
Newsweek Global (Flipster)
North American Review (Flipster)
Poetry (Flipster)
Sculpture (Flipster)
Time (Flipster)

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