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Business: Internet Resources

Research & Resources

U.S. Small Business Administration - A governmental website, this provides help with all things business, including steps for writing your business plan, how to launch and manage your business, and information about funding programs.

Project Management - From Duke University, this site provides everything from a glossary of common terms within project management to a description of project stages to templates/outlines for each stage.

Essential Guide to Search Engine Optimization - This guide includes nine chapters focusing on the various elements of websites, from the content to the HTML, that are crucial for Search Engine Optimization.

Carrots & Sticks - Created by UK academics and the UN Environment Programme, this site covers trends in standards for sustainability reporting. It combines reports on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals with a database of global sustainability policies.

Funding & Statistics - This resource provides access to hundreds of grants through the federal government and walks applicants through the process.

US Bureau of Labor Statistics - From the federal government, this site has information on everything from pay to inflation to unemployment.

The Business Behind Art Knows the Art of the Koch Brothers by Hans Haacke, 2014
College for Creative Studies website