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Color Resources: Internet Resources

Websites with a Historical Emphasis

Colorsystem - 59 easy-to-understand, richly illustrated color theories from antiquity to modern times: in short, a complete cultural history of color.

Color Wheels, Charts, and Tables Through History - A chronology of attempts over the last 400 years to visually organize and make sense of color. A wide variety of forms and methods are represented: simple wheels, multi-layered pyramids, scientific systems, systems based on the hues of human emotion, and more.

Goethe’s Zur Farbenlehre (Theory of Colors) - By 1840, this theory was widely accepted by the art world after being translated into English.

Werner's Nomenclature of Colors - German mineralogist Abraham Gottlob Werner's color system, for artists and scientists alike, was used by Charles Darwin on his journeys on the H.M.S. Beagle.

ColourLex - Featuring paintings, pigments and scientific methods, this encyclopedia investigates works of art and artistic components. Included are the stories behind the paintings, the history of use of individual pigments, pigment properties and their identification in paintings, and more.

Practical Color Websites for Artists

Colorspace - Find the perfect matching color scheme for your next project! Generate color palettes, color gradients, and more.

The Dimensions of Color - Written by David Briggs, this website presents an account of the dimensions of color and light perception, keeping in mind painters using either traditional or digital media. 


Adaptation of Tobias Mayer's triangle from Beschreibung einer mit dem Calauschen Wachse ausgemalten Farbenpyramide as interpreted by Johann Heinrich Lambert, 1772. Source: Wikimedia
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