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Color Resources: Tools at the Library

Color Selection Tools (In-Library Use Only)

Color Specification Books and Fan Decks - Color specification books and fan decks by Pantone, Coloro, NCS, Munsell, and RAL as well as the Pantone Fashion, Home + Interiors Cotton Planner, and pigmented polymer chips are available for reference.

Datacolor ColorReaderPRO - This color meter determines the L*a*b* values of physical objects. Its companion app matches the color values to the nearest commercially available paint.


Munsell Color Tree - This three-dimensional model (pictured above) makes understanding the Munsell color space easy.

Color Interaction Tools (In-Library Use Only)

Albers iPad App - Josef AlbersThe Interaction of Color is seamlessly woven into an app featuring over 120 color plates and 60 interactive studies. Users can select from 526 colors to create, save, and share their personal studies. The Library has 2 iPads with the app available for in-Library use.

Color-Aid Paper Swatches - This collection consists of a set of 9 x 6 inch swatches in 314 color. The system consists of 34 vivid hues, 100 tints, 47 shades, 114 pastels, 17 grays from dark to light, and black and white.

Paint Samples - The Library has a number of automotive, industrial, and residential coating samples available.

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