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DVC 485: The "Art" of Research: Methods & Theory

This guide for students taking "The 'Art' of Research" serves as a starting point different modes and types of research

Methodologies & Theory

Rhizome - Rhizome is a contemporary art site for born-digital art and culture - i.e. artists experimenting with technology.

Visual Thinking Strategies - This course from LinkedIn Learning (formerly provides an overview of the methods and theory of the visual thinking strategies approach to engaging with images (CCS login required).

Qualitative Research Ethics - This podcast episode focuses specifically on ethical dilemmas in qualitative research and how to deal with them. The podcast overall looks at a variety of methods for conducting research.

Types of Research Design - This resource from the University of Southern California provides a detailed overview of the various types of qualitative research designs and includes the pros and cons of each design.

Critical Theory Tables - These tables provide information on critical theory, particularly as it relates to the art world. The first table examines various theories by providing titles, descriptions, keywords, and main theorists. The second provides critical theory subject headings and those specific to art.

Concept Mapping

Concept mapping is a visual, non-linear way of organizing notes and ideas. It works by triggering word associations and helps you explore facets of a topic that might not be immediately apparent. It starts with a central idea or concept that grows to include all relevant and related questions.

For more information on how to make a concept map, see RISD's "Concept Mapping" Handout (pictured below). To make a concept map, use, a free software for visualizing information and workflows.

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