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DVC 485: The "Art" of Research: Overview

This guide for students taking "The 'Art' of Research" serves as a starting point different modes and types of research


  • Books & Databases: required texts and recommended books and databases for the "art" of research
  • Data Visualization & Statistics: introduction to data visualization and open access datasets and examples of data visualization as art
  • Methods & Theory: explorations of qualitative research and concept mapping tools
  • Research & Writing: guidance on conducting research, writing, and citations
  • Citation Help: when and how to cite and resources for MLA citations
  • Images as Research: images as primary source material and artists whose work embodies their research, both subscription ("CCS credentials required") and open access

infographic with icons for different resource types. Books: written (print): artist, exhibit, style, topic, see "Books & Databases." eBooks: written (digital): artist, exhibit, style, topic, see "Books & Databases." Articles: written: brief, current, in-depth, see "Books & Databases." Images: visuals: artwork, documentation, see "Images as Research."

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