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DGD 212: Intro to Communication Design II: Overview

This course guide is designed to help students in DGD 212 figure out how to do research and provide a starting point for finding resources to help them in class.


  • Books & Databases: required texts and recommended books and databases for Intro to Communication Design
  • Research Process: how to research contemporary designers, including evaluating sources and creating a research log
  • Internet Resources: high-quality, relevant, freely available content, vetted by Librarians
  • Images & Videos: the best sites for visuals, both subscription ("CCS credentials required") and open access
  • Research & Writing: guidance on conducting research, writing, and citations
  • Citation Help: when and how to cite and resources for MLA citations

Types of Research Resources

Most research is done using either primary or secondary sources. Some examples of primary sources include:

  • A sketch
  • An interview with the designer
  • An unmanipulated photograph
  • A diary

Secondary sources are mediated by someone, rather than first-hand evidence. They often include commentary on primary sources. Some examples include:

  • A book
  • A research paper that comments on interviews
  • A mass-produced poster
  • A collage
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