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Material Collection: Overview


Each tab contains images of the corresponding shelves in the CCS Library's Material Collection (click for bigger pictures) and lists the main vendors represented in each section.

  • Color: color systems and tools (in-Library use only)
  • Finishes & Coatings: automotive finishes, residential paint samples, and more
  • Solid Surfaces: spanning three racks, solid surfaces encompasses: metals; wood; concrete and ceramic; glass; and stone
  • Naturals: natural and/or sustainable materials and the ActiveMatter innovative material collection
  • Paper: traditional and nontraditional paper samples
  • Wall Coverings & Flooring: interior design materials, including vinyl, rubber, carpeting, and more
  • Textiles: textiles is divided into three sections across three racks: performance materials; upholstery and fashion fabrics; and leather
  • Polymers: spanning four racks, polymers encompasses tiles, green polymers, performance polymers, ActiveMatter polymers, and foam and rubber (including finished products)
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