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Video Resources: Video Game Collection

Video Game Access

In partnership with the Entertainment Arts Department, the Library offers a PlayStation 5 system and games available for student use and research. The Library's collection currently includes both physical and cloud-based games compatible with PlayStation 4 & 5 systems. See our collection of physical video games online via the Library catalog, and browse cloud-based games via the PlayStation Plus Games Catalog.

If possible, please let Library staff know in advance what game you are interested in playing. This will allow us to have your game pre-downloaded for play.

Video Game Policies

Video games are available for in-library use on the Library’s gaming system and screen. To access the PlayStation system and games or to check out compatible controllers and headphones, please ask at the front desk. The PlayStation system and games are available for in-Library use for 4 hours at a time; up to 2 gamers may play at one time.

Only games from the Library’s physical or cloud-based collection may be played on the Library’s game system via the Library’s account. Using a personal account, installing, removing, or altering games or software, or attaching outside equipment to the system is not permitted. 

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