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Graduate: Color & Materials Design: Overview

This guide is designed to steer Color & Materials Design students to Library resources that pertain specifically to their concentrations.


  • Find a Book: key texts the Library owns related to Color & Materials Design as well as eBook databases
  • Search for an Article: top databases most useful for your research as well relevant journal titles
  • Internet Resources: high-quality, relevant, freely available content, vetted by Librarians
  • Images & Videos: the best subscription sites for visuals (CCS credentials required) and the CCS Library's color systems tutorial video (open access)
  • Research & Writing: guidance on conducting research, writing, and citations
  • Professional Information: sustainability and material sourcing information

infographic with icons for different resource types. Books: written (print): artist, exhibit, style, topic, see "Find a Book." eBooks: written (digital): artist, exhibit, style, topic, see "Find a Book." Articles: written: brief, current, in-depth, see "Search for an Article." Materials: images, written: current design materials, see "Search for an Article." Trend forecasting: written market research reports, images: upcoming design trends, see "Search for an Article." Images: visuals: artwork, documentation, see "Images & Videos." Videos: audiovisuals: performances, films, training, see "Images & Videos."

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