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Research & Writing: General Research Process

Help with writing and conducting research, including resources for starting your research

How to Find Research Resources

Where you start your research depends on your assignment. The resources listed below are for studio and design classes as well as Liberal Arts.

Using images as a starting point

  • Luna - The CCS image database allows searching by material, technique, artist name, artistic style, keywords (such as feminism or materiality), and more (CCS credentials required).
  • Art Genome Project - This site allows for browsing by category or searching by material, technique, artist name, etc.
  • Trend Research Databases - These subscription databases provide access to articles and images of emerging trends (CCS credentials required).
  • Library Catalog - Books from the Library let you find information about artists, artistic styles, materials, and more.
  • eBooks - See individual titles purchased specifically for CCS or search an eBook database (CCS credentials required).

Using materials as a starting point

  • Material Collection - The Library has thousands of physical material samples, featuring everything from paper to ceramics to polymers.
  • Materials Databases - These databases provide access to pictures, properties, and manufacturing information for thousands of materials.

Research Resources, Continued

Using written information as a starting point:

Types of Research Resources

Most research is done using either primary or secondary sources. Some examples of primary sources include:

  • A painting
  • A product prototype
  • An interview
  • An unmanipulated photograph
  • A diary

Secondary sources are mediated by someone, rather than first-hand evidence. They often will include commentary on primary sources. Some examples include:

  • An encyclopedia
  • A research paper that comments on interviews
  • A mass-produced object
  • A collage
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